OS X 10.5.6 update broke Eclipse shortcuts

This evening I installed the PyDev plugin for Eclipse to write a little Python code. Seemed to go well until I noticed that some of my keyboard shortcuts didn’t work anymore in Eclipse. Most notably copy and paste (CMD-C and CMD-V). As this was working before I figured the PyDev plugin to be the culprit. However, in a version of Eclipse without the PyDev plugin the issue was still present.

Some Googling turned up a post on StackOverflow titled Eclipse keyboard shortcuts broken in OSX 10.5.6. Turns out that the OS X update to 10.5.6 I did a couple of days ago broke the keyboard short cuts for Eclipse. But only if you’re using Dvorak keyboard layout. Guess what I am using? Right, Dvorak!

I knew I should have waited a little longer with the update. I normally do. Not sure why I didn’t this time. Sincerely hope Apple comes out with a fix quickly.

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