Continued: OS X 10.5.6 update broke Eclipse shortcuts

Tried to find a workaround for the nasty Dvorak keyboard mapping bug introduced by Apple with their 10.5.6 update of OS X. I had the idea that if I could create a keyboard mapping for Dvorak myself, this might ‘trick’ OS X accepting the proper keyboard shortcuts for Carbon based apps. Looking for a tool to create such a mapping I came across the following website:

Using the standard settings it was easy to create a new Dvorak layout, save it as “Dvorak Workaround.keylayout” in my Library/Keyboard Layouts directory, and select it from the Input Menu in the International System Preferences menu. Alas, this did not resolve the problem.

This might have worked if problem was in the Apple default Dvorak keyboard layout itself. However if that was the case keyboard shortcuts would have been messed up in Cocoa based applications as well. It was a long shot to begin with, but I had to try something as it is really impacting my ability to do any programming in Eclipse on my Mac.

It might be due to the holidays or the relatively low number of users impacted by this bug (who uses Dvorak?), but I find Apple slow to respond to this serious regression.

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