1. Diff'ing PDFs

    As a freelance software developer I have to negotiate the terms and conditions of contracts on a regular basis. Once clients have agreed to my proposed changes they will send me a modified contract. These contracts are always in PDF format.

    It can be very cumbersome to read all of ...

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  2. Ansible, Git and SSH

    When using Ansible to configure your servers from scratch and deploy your software you are likely to run into the issue of your hosts not knowing each other yet. Ideally you pregenerate your SSH keys, construct the authorized_keys and known_hosts files and distribute them appropriately. However sometimes, especially during development ...

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  3. PUN Meetup - Amsterdam 13 Nov 2013

    For the past eight months I have been using pandas on and off for analysing the results of questionnaires. Pandas has left such a great impression on me that I felt compelled to introduce more Python developers to this wonderful library. The Python Users Netherlands (PUN) meetup in Amsterdam on ...

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  4. ErlangCamp Amsterdam


    Around 2003 I developed an interest in functional programming languages. I played with Haskell, OCaml, Erlang and Clean and came away very impressed. Pattern matching, referential transparency, higher order functions, list comprehensions, all powerful constructs in elegant packages that functional programming languages are.

    As enticing as these languages were ...

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  5. Converting a Tumblr blog to a rstblog

    I have been writing a private (password protected) blog for family and friends on Tumblr for almost half a year and it suddenly freaked me out that Tumblr had all my carefully written blog posts. What if they lost it all, what if they went out of business, etc? Shortly ...

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  6. rstblog

    For quite some time I have wanted to self-host my blog. However I did not feel like administering a dynamic system, such as Wordpress, that is in constant need of patches and upgrades. Hence a static blog generator was an obvious choice. As a Python developer I have a slight ...

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